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Honey is one of nature’s purest foods. Every drop of honey tells a story which begins with the calling of nectar from flowers and the transformation of that nectar in the beehive. In order to create the sweet liquid gold we all love, it takes a collective effort of thousands of honey bees making millions of nectar flights. The industrious honey bee has perfected her craft of honey making over centuries, adapting to an ever changing environment. There are hundreds of varieties of honey and each type of honey is directly linked to the local environment and terroir where it is made.   

Cayman honey is strikingly fragrant with a refreshing taste. Known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, Cayman honey is a traditional local remedy for coughs and colds.

We recommend pairing our honey with soft cheeses, toasted bread, fresh fruits and crisp white wines.


Availability is seasonal and harvested in small batches. We sell directly and at local farmers markets. Please feel free to contact us.


Reagan’s Honey is 100% local Cayman Wildflower honey, light to dark amber in color. Harvested in Spring and Summer, this unique honey is like none other. Our bees forage bountifully on a lush landscape of native flowers including tropical fruit and logwood blossoms in the Spring and local palm and mangrove blooms in the Summer. We take great care in our honey harvest process, only extracting the honey when it is in its purest form – fully capped and cured by the bees. Reagan’s Honey is only lightly filtered by hand and never heated, so that all of the nutrients of the honey are retained.

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