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Explore Grand Cayman’s inner beauty and discover a tropical honey oasis. We invite you to join us in our secret apiary for a journey through a landscape less traveled and discover a realm few have experienced. Led by a professional beekeeper, a tour of the Reagan’s honey apiary awaits.


The adventure begins with a quick jaunt out to our apiary, nestled on the edge of Grand Cayman’s mangrove wetlands. After a brief apiary orientation, you will then don a full beekeeper suit and standard issued apiary gear. The journey continues with a tour of the apiary and surrounding tropical woodland. Every tour offers opportunities for up close wildlife encounters, including native birds, water fowl, iguanas and agouti that inhabit the tropical woodland forests of Grand Cayman. Your professional guide will then lead you through a real inspection of an active beehive. You will get the opportunity to look for the elusive queen bee, spot emerging baby bees, and observe the mysterious inner workings of a living beehive. Before closing the hives you’ll get your own taste of local Cayman honey to take with you! While getting a first-hand education on the bees, you will also participate in actual beekeeping activities such as honey harvesting, hive expansion, queen rearing and apiary design. After a rewarding trip to the apiary, the tour concludes with refreshing beverages and your own buzzing tale to tell when you return home.

  • $65 USD per person

  • Includes tour of the apiary and beehive inspection

  • Your own sample jar of honey straight from the hive

  • Minimum 2 persons per reservation

  • Maximum 4 persons per reservation

  • Contact us for larger groups

  • Must be at least 13 years old to participate

  • Tour is approximately 1.5 hours in length

  • Meeting location is confirmed upon reservation

  • Recommended attire: T-shirt and shorts or swimwear. Sneakers or hiking boots. No sandals or flip flops

  • Full professional bee suit provided for total safety. Suits are ventilated for comfort

  • All participants must sign a release waiver prior to the tour


Tour Times: 9am & 1pm
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